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Outrun The Gun

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Promotional Pictures!


Check it out!


www.flickr.com/photos/bearandyeti/ (lighting! and Post Processing tips (lol))



This lighting was set up by me and dave, thanks to Brett for holding the one light in the are!


Alot of post processing techniques I have never used, Dave (Second from the left) showed me alot of stuff, I think it worked out nicely!


Cold Cold Cold COLD night!


This was in a big wooden structure used to store road salt, well thats at least what it looked like! It was about 10 degrees out and completely dark in there, so it was a lot of blank shooting!


We are probaly going to reshoot some of these when its a bit nicer out!



Speedlite 430EX to the left into a silver umbrella

Speedlite 430EX bare behind them on the wall

Speedlite 430EX bare behind shot towards them

Vivitar 285HV shot through a white umbrella held above them to the right!


More up soon!

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Taken on February 21, 2008