As a child, I fell in love with contraptions, coin-operated amusements and marionettes. The clack and clatter of machinery and the visual “eye candy” of mechanisms all gave me a thrill. I have always wanted to make things that moved or implied some hidden mechanical purpose. Drawings of Rube Goldberg-like chain reaction
machines filled my sketchbook as a 9 year old. In our basement workshop I would spend hours dismantling old timepieces and reimagine them as the inner workings of the puppets I was making. If I listened closely enough I could hear the whirring of gears and governors in their chests. I have observed that if a machine does the same thing over and over it seems
lifeless. So I like when a machine can generate a certain randomness. By
engineering in a little bit of variability, the result is like there is a spirit in the machine.
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