Portfolio: Urban Objects by Aaron Kramer
My sculptural work is of a woven or constructed nature. By exploring the intersection between the found and fabricated I seek a deeper understanding of the transcendent nature of ordinary objects. I work primarily in recycled materials. Reclaimed hardwoods, coffee stirrers, strapping material, buttons or tin can lids are ripe for reinvention. Street sweeper bristles are acquired as scrap from a company that re-bristles used brooms. These are woven over armatures of thin wire that I weld into organic forms. I also take found objects and improve upon them to create new and intriguing inventions. The things I create have an organic soul trapped within a venerated facade.

Early in the ‘90’s I began making jewelry and small sculptural objects. I sell my work through Fine Art/Craft shows nationwide, gallery exhibitions, stores, museum shops, catalogs and corporate collections. In 2010 I had a solo show at the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles. I have also been commissioned to design entire retail store interiors, large scale sculptures, furniture, custom lighting, fixturing and sculptural objects.


Motto: “Trash is the failure of imagination.”

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