Snooki at Seaside Heights NJ

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    We bumped into MTV reality show sensation Nicole Polizzi "Snooki" yesterday (7/24/2010) at Seaside Heights NJ. The MTV reality show The Jersey Shore was filmed in Seaside Heights New Jersey last year and has returned again this year. Typical reality show drama has surrounded the endeavor and the whole thing has been quite controversial at times.

    This was taken very close up by my wife, there is no crop here.

    My wife and I along with many other bystanders were actually treated VERY poorly and threatened quite aggressively by Casino Pier security, MTV security and the Seaside Heights police for taking photos of the event. They threatened to kick us off the Pier for taking Snooki pictures. Allot of people were very upset about that and it caused quite a scene.

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    1. scottnj 45 months ago | reply

      There was a great article on Freedom of Photography in the Washington Post online:

    2. NVS_Inc 45 months ago | reply

      Great article, thanks Scott

    3. RuudMorijn 45 months ago | reply

      This beautiful picture is quite rightly chosen for EXPLORE. Congratulations!


      For a quick survey of my work click here: RuudMorijn

    4. Hanjosan 45 months ago | reply

      Great capture of a celebrity. Congrats to your wife :-)
      The right to capture in public area is really beeng challenged these years. In England photographers has made big demonstrations. It is legal here in Denmark but guards and some policemen do not always know the rules !

    5. taxref 45 months ago | reply

      A very nice capture by Mrs. NVS.

      Making a long story short, I had my own mini run-in with the Seaside Heights Police on Casino Pier about an hour after you took this shot. My wife and I took our grandchildren to Casino Pier that night. I was taking family portraits of us that evening, and my camera was on a collapsed tripod at the time.

      I had no idea that the Jersey Shore gang had (unfortunately IMHO) returned to town. I was approached by an SHPD officer and told no photos were allowed. After some moments of confusion on both our parts, everything was cleared up.

      Still, the only possible legal justification for forbidding photos on Casino Pier would be if the pier owners (I beilieve it is privately owned) had prohibited it. Barring that, if a photographer wanted to press the issue in court the town and/or MTV probably would be found liable.

    6. NVS_Inc 45 months ago | reply

      That story boils my blood, not very family friendly of Casino Pier by a long shot, could you imagine Disney or Six Flags banning photography?

      Of course I'm pretty sure anyone can challenge that and win, Once they open their property to the public for commerce I'm pretty sure that we the public bring our civil liberties onto the property with us. We don't leave our civil rights, freedom of expression and other basic liberties at the door, photography included.As far as I can determine the right to take a photo in public cannot be banned, regardless of who owns the property. Anything open to the public with no expectation of privacy is, after all, public domain.

    7. ruizspieces26 45 months ago | reply

      Wow great one time chance shot!!!! Love it.

    8. ridefreshies 45 months ago | reply

      Classic shot Heather! Aaron you are a good trainer!!

    9. missis_jones (not back) 45 months ago | reply

      Excellent close up together with an interesting story! The reflections are fantastic!

    10. Pierre Mallien 45 months ago | reply

      cute close up of a pinky cow girl :-)

    11. Tansy Liverwort 45 months ago | reply

      I love this image. I hate snooki.

    12. Tansy Liverwort 45 months ago | reply

      well, hate is a strong word....
      Snooki annoys me. She is like a mosquito buzzing around my cultural head.

    13. rogar94 [deleted] 45 months ago | reply

      Remember to carry a copy of the Photographer's Rights, download from this site! I carry a copy and professional photographer cards with me at all times.

    14. NVS_Inc 45 months ago | reply

      sound advice rogar94, thank you

    15. Nanner Brains 45 months ago | reply

      well all I can say is I don't admit Im from the Jersey Shore anymore

    16. Tabercil 44 months ago | reply

      This photo is currently being used to illustrate the Nicole Polizzi article on Wikipedia, one of the world's top-ten most-visited websites. Thanks, and congratulations!

    17. Rick -thanks so much [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

      was she drunk here?
      no, not your wife, the pea brain in the photo
      it's a great shot
      you should send your wife out to take some more photos
      she seems like a natural

      p.s. i never saw the jersey shore show before
      until about a month ago
      i couldn't get through one episode
      are those people real asshole or are they paid to act like morons

      oh, i just noticed the wiki comment above
      hey, that's very cool

    18. xxlkcxx 43 months ago | reply

      a big giant...SO WHAT?

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