Designed in stereoscopic fulldome, VORTEX is an experiment in the audio-visual language of immersive environments. It is an ephemeral sculpture, driven by geometric soundscapes.

Created by Aaron Bradbury
Music by Flavio Martines
5.1 Surround Mix by Flavio Martines at Refinaria Estudios
3D Sound Mixed by Rene Rodigast at Fraunhofer IDMT

VORTEX is mastered at 8k, 60fps, in stereoscopic fulldome and has 3D spatial sound. When experienced together, these elements build a highly immersive and intimate environment. VORTEX is completely free to download and is available in several fulldome formats. Although mastered at 8k, 60fps in 3D, due to the size of the files required to play this (100gb), it is not possible to make this version available on-line. If you would like a copy of this or any other combination of resolution and frame rate, please contact me using the form at the bottom of the page to request a copy. If you would like to experience it in fulldome format and do not have access to a dome, please get in touch or subscribe to Luniere for up to date news on screening events.

Check out the VORTEX blog for concept art, thought processes and general babbling that went into the production.
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