Tony The Fridge Smeg Endurance Challenge A9
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"Tony The Fridge" runs the length of Britain with a fridge on his back.

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Aaron Sneddon


For commuters and travellers on the A9 road in the Scottish Highlands, it may be a sight that many do not see every day, but for Tony Phoenix-Morrison AKA "Tony The Fridge" its just another day with a fridge on his back.

Weighing in at 42 Kilograms (The weight of 35 average sized laptops or 15 standard Red Clay bricks), his "A" Class Smeg American Style fridge is no mean feat to give a piggy back to each and every day, for 40 days.

Tony is sure to be delighted with his fridge, because it is loaded with adjustable thermostat, auto defrost and internal lamp and last but not least a wine rack.

Mr Fridge is running such a distance that by the time he completes his gruelling run from John"O"Groats to Lands End he will have clocked up 40 Marathons (With a fridge on his back).

With his MP3 player blasting out "Never Give Up On Your Dreams" Tony the Fridge was seen firing up toward the Slocht as if nothing was on his back, like he was running down hill.

Stopping for a five minute refreshment break and photo op at the Slocht, it was as if Tony had simply walked up the hill, for there was no sweat or puffing and panting.

The aim? To raise awareness and funds for the Bobby Robson Foundation, the foundation that carries out pioneering research into cancer prevention and detection. After a prolific career as footballer and football manager, Bob Robson sadly lost his battle with cancer in 2009, not before he set up his successful charity however.

Tony The Fridge is expected to reach lands end in September, and he is enjoying every minute of his mammoth task.

Aaron Sneddon

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