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    1. A second or new birth; reincarnation.
    2. A renaissance; a revival:

    I'm going through a period right now where I'm question my life's purpose and why God put me here. For a very long time, I've given myself to so many people while not cultivating my own goals and desires completely. I want to stress that I am so grateful for everything and everyone I've had the opportunity to meet and work with over the years. As a result, I've been able to connect with a broader group of artists and individuals that have inspired me to focus on my dreams and creative vision. I love you and I thank you for you all have shown me what can happen if you truly believe in yourself and your art.

    My name Nastassia means "ressurection", for those who don't know. In a way, I feel this image may be one of the most important creations I've made for that reason primarily. Perhaps I will make time to work on this theme more since the meaning is so important to my existence.

    Here's to the new stage of my life! Here's to a new day! Here's to loving myself to the fullest!

    Lord, I trust and need you. Thank you for the job you just gave me! I start on Tuesday and I'm excited for the chance to make steady income again. Sallie Mae needs her money! ;)

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    1. Devilllle 57 months ago | reply

      Stay up and keep grinding xx

    2. van.brussel 57 months ago | reply

      There are scifi esthetics going on here…
      [Maybe caused by listening to too many androïd music ; ) ]

    3. child_of_christ_dw 57 months ago | reply

      I know what you mean girlie

    4. october blue 57 months ago | reply

      A lovely and inspiring image....very best wishes to you :-)

    5. Ana Luísa Pinto [Luminous Photography] 57 months ago | reply

      This is incredible. Reading your description, I teared up, because you summed up many of the issues that concern me. I struggled for a long time with my 'calling', trying to understand what I was supposed to do with my life, or what God wanted of me. When I settled on photography and felt, for the first time, that I was right where I belonged, it felt like being a butterfly, getting out of that cocoon and flying free. I'm glad you've been able to find your rebirth. :) Thank you so much for sharing it with us. :)

    6. djbodoo 57 months ago | reply

      pretty pretty pretyy

    7. Sonja Meltonramesar Photography [deleted] 57 months ago | reply


    8. ** Nico ** 56 months ago | reply

      such interesting work
      love mood n tones

    9. LisaBPhoto 53 months ago | reply

      Stunning!!! You always blow me away with your selfies! :)

    10. L'aBe 50 months ago | reply

      You asked for some feedback in the "FEMALE PORTRAIT" group. Here it is: Light and tones are well done. Your expression is just amazing! But the texture of the fabric over your face is disturbing, in my eyes. Some more transparent tissue would fit better to the soft light and brightness... That your hair is partly uncovered by the fabric results in too much contrast. And I think a bit more of you would add much to it. Like a shoulder or a hand would turn it more personal and complete. Concept and idea are really artistic!!!

      Hope this feedback gives you something!!!

    11. Nastassia Davis [] 50 months ago | reply

      Most definitely Ms. L'aBe! Thank you so much for the intense critique!

      THanks everyone for the added favs and comments. Enjoyed readin them!

    12. ..... ..... [deleted] 50 months ago | reply

      you seem very spiritual

    13. Teffin*Photography 50 months ago | reply

      wow this is so beautiful! I like the fresh feel to it =)

    14. Shutters Open 47 months ago | reply

      Great shot.

      My only critique is that it might benefit from a slight crop in on the right side. There's a bit of detail in the bottom right corner that's slightly distracting.

      A nit pick of an otherwise great shot. Nice work!

    15. Nastassia Davis [] 44 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the constructive criticism @Shutters Open. :)!

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