"Two Sides to Every Story"

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My mama's family is from the West Indies. Bajan, Panamanian and a splash of Jamaican. Her skin colour is darker than mine, very much like the right side of my face and on on the other hand, my dad was born of a lighter hue. He has an authentic blonde/red mustache, soft curly hair and hazel eyes.

So, combine the two, and voilà! I created this photo in my mother's bathroom just because. :)

My poem:

"Roots from Barbados.
They migrate to Panama for work on the Canal Zone.
A squeeze of feisty Jamaican to add.
Part West Indian bred"

Also, thank you Jackie (Jacksonbox84) from Deviant Art for title suggestion. :)

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  1. Amma Kwaakoa 77 months ago | reply

    WOW that's weard, nice work
    verry creative!!!

  2. Akaloso [deleted] 77 months ago | reply

    da kewlist pik everrrrrrr :-)

  3. D.L. Downey 76 months ago | reply

    Wow this shot is amazing. It even looks a little Erykah Badu-ish.

  4. Rahee Nerurkar 73 months ago | reply

    such an amazing image!

  5. N△t▲li△Dir∑∑w▲ 72 months ago | reply

    what a nice portrait, love it so much!

  6. **Kel-Z** 71 months ago | reply

    This is simply stunning...great job...and loved hearing about your family <3

  7. moostang78 69 months ago | reply

    Beautiful. Love this photo.

  8. Blakbeans 66 months ago | reply

    Man this is amazing! Great compo!

  9. Kozology (away here and there) 65 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Eclectic Aesthetic, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    Stunningly beautiful!

  10. desert-pine [deleted] 61 months ago | reply

    This is really beautiful!

  11. scee621 60 months ago | reply

    I don't know how you did that, but it's really gorgeous

  12. M aka Marcello 58 months ago | reply

    The other one of the mixed Series, you know, i really dig that you even used both colors on your hand. Thats one of those awesome little details, which are part of why I love your work. The idea on itself is so nice already, and about the execution, I think i don't have to say anything, excellent!

  13. asierinhi [deleted] 47 months ago | reply

    This is amazing, i think it's my fav photo on flickr.

  14. dream24seven 46 months ago | reply

    Wow. Very stunning.

  15. Daleen The Photo Hunter 43 months ago | reply

    Hey I saw your photo a while back and I was thinking of doing something very similar...I like how it turned out....you look beautiful!

  16. A.Murrain 25 months ago | reply

    I like this...yeah i like this a lot.

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