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Skull Ripper — Function

I was realizing yesterday that the 2015 Toa have one strategic advantage over the 2015 BIONICLE villains: none of the villains appear to be able to fly. So I thought I'd even the odds. Obviously, I had to use a few placeholder parts, but I still think it conveys the general idea I was going for. Skull Ripper includes 87 pieces total, and so I imagine she would hit about the same $15 price point as the other skull villains.


Skull Ripper's torso features the same Technic function as Skull Basher's, but here it serves two very different purposes. From a standing position, it allows Skull Ripper to stab an opponent with her talons. In flight, it allows her to flap her wings.


Ideally, I'd prefer Skull Ripper to use Tr. Blue instead of Tr. Light Blue, but from a practical standpoint I found that I had a more useful range of pieces in Tr. Light Blue.

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Uploaded on May 6, 2015