'03 Honda S2000 AP1
I've been wanting to build a S2000 for quite some time now, I've always had a thing for them. They are great looking cars and have great performance and handling. My version was built for more form then function. With 'stance' being the latest car trend, I thought that it would be a great idea to stance a S2000, considering that they are a very popular choice among the stance scene. With loads of negative camber, stretched tyres (yes, they are actually stretched!), a mesh style rim with chrome backing, extremely low ride height, front-lip, and a license plate registered in the Gunma Prefecture of Japan; this S2000 was built to go low n' slow. It's yellow with black interior, everything opens and features one of my favourite engines of all time, the F20C. This S2000 was built specifically for the group Head Turnerz, on Flickr, 1st Annual November Meet. Check it out and join in! This is one of my favourite MOC's I've built and I hope you like it too! Thanks everyone!
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