• tune it to constructive music! - [s e l v i n]
  • Pickup knobs here! Nice...
    Does the trigger do anything?
    I hope the only thing this AK-47 fires is Blues... - ScrapLeo
  • I <3 Table - The Bassness
  • such a sick guitar, but must be hard to play i'd think - It's Bman
  • this needs an under-barrel red visible light laser to menace people and look awesome in smoky concert halls. - LXPK
  • you could always shoot the guys that refuse to mosh... - thejestersmuse
  • the bridge looks kinda goofy stickin out like that though... - joegibes
  • You should rig the trigger to work as a kill switch! Pun intended. - drigo_kmp


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My new 'Instrument of Destruction"!

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  1. coyo7e 95 months ago | reply

    I sure wish "Gurnambedi" hadn't hosed the in-image tags by covering up the previous tags with his totally useless comment.

  2. A Terrible Picture Of Things 95 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the interest! (I removed Gurnambedi's note as it obscured all the others)
    This made my day, cheers!

  3. brandknewme 95 months ago | reply

    Bad ass dude!

  4. Kai Starr 95 months ago | reply

    Must. Have. One. *drool* (^o^)

  5. nishark 95 months ago | reply

    Mariachi, El
    ... would be mighty proud of that one!

  6. denise_a_dolan 95 months ago | reply

    it is cool baby xxxxxxxxx

  7. guitarnoize 95 months ago | reply

    Wow and I thought this ESP Custom sword guitar was crazy!

    ESP Sword Guitar

    (saw this on www.guitarlead.net)

  8. enspec 90 months ago | reply

    nicely done.
    looks inspired from the silver hawks cartoon.

  9. The valk 88 months ago | reply

    "vaquero" de los Alcones Galácticos.

  10. lonniec61 88 months ago | reply

    very cool!!!!

  11. AveryCloseCall 85 months ago | reply

    Wow. With a bound black neck and one of those foldaround headstocks (where the strings fold around the end of the neck and the tuning knobs are on the back), that badboy would be even better.

    Love it.

  12. Slow Cheetah 79 months ago | reply

    this is part of a campaign against illegal armed armies in countries with guerrillas. the niiciative, in this case, was my musician Cesar Lopez and the website for the is here:


  13. 93250 75 months ago | reply

    Did you know that Sami Lopakka from KYPCK has this kind of guitar too? It's pretty cool, too: www.kypck-doom.com/lopashnikov.htm , kypck-doom.com/pop_gallery_live21.htm

  14. MNTF ☠ 71 months ago | reply

    that's just awesome!!!

  15. drigo_kmp 69 months ago | reply

    You should rig the trigger to work as a kill switch! Pun intended.

  16. .Nemphtis 59 months ago | reply

    This is freakin' bad-ass.

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