Got Beer?

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    Your looking at what 8 Euros can buy you at Oktoberfest. I've never seen so many people so proud of their Beer Heritage...

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    1. Ledwolf... [deleted] 87 months ago | reply

      That's cool... But how much was the beer?

    2. gatowlion 86 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Please Fav Me - Strictly Creative Commons, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    3. 19melissa68 82 months ago | reply

      Great picture! I prefer the color shot.
      I've used your wonderful photo (with credit & link) in our church newsletter. It accompanied an article about 'Krawl for Kids' - a beer drinking benefit. Thanks!

    4. robb3d 78 months ago | reply

      great shot :)

    5. VagabonderZ 72 months ago | reply


      Your photo has been used in a travel article at the Matador network with a link back to your photostream. The blog post can be found here:

      It was used as a feature pic so not in the article itself. To see it you will have to click back to the main page of Matador Nights.

      Thank you for sharing your wonderful picture!


    6. rasgr 71 months ago | reply

      Well talking about using your picture it is now part of an Scientific American article about ancient beer hitting the stores this summer way to go :)

    7. tawilgz 71 months ago | reply

      Great picture!
      We are going to use your photo in a poster of our cultural association. When completed we will post it.

    8. Threeboy 69 months ago | reply

      Hey there, I used your awesome photo in this blog post:

      I think everything is in order with your CC license (we've given credit & linked to this photo and your profile) - if it's not alright then please let us know and we'll return the keg for a deposit ;)

      Thanks for the great photo!

    9. twizgo 68 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing - we have also used this on our website:

      Thanks for sharing! Prost!

    10. aaronlang 65 months ago | reply

      Love the shot! A German moment! Thank you for putting this photo up here at Flickr with a CC license. We have put your photo at our German translation related site at Your name is under the photo, linking to, which is one of our German credits page, and then links to your profile here at flickr. Thanks again for the terrific shot!

    11. Philly Phlegm 64 months ago | reply

      Love the jugs,and the beer looks good too.

    12. 63 months ago | reply

      Used your image for our new BEER TEA on

    13. JesterCap 60 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called c'um caneco, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    14. mvl1014 60 months ago | reply

      Do you know what this type of outfit (her clothes) is called?

    15. realloc 57 months ago | reply

      That's a great shot! I used your picture in an article about the Oktoberfest. You can find it here

      @mvl1014 It's called Dirndl.

    16. Threeboy 32 months ago | reply

      Hi! We used this awesome photo in this blog: We have given full credit as requested by your CC license. If this is not adequate please let us know.

      Thanks for the excellent photo! :)

    17. AVTARSINGHBATHAM [deleted] 29 months ago | reply

      Surprised great drinker of a big mug of bear

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