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DVD "T_ERROR" + CD "kr ./. jp" | by red :))) art
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DVD "T_ERROR" + CD "kr ./. jp"

mother-of-pearl-series - 3rd item,2005


DVD „T_error“ * CD „kr ./. jp“ ( 60 years after the liberation of Korea)


Five Questions:


1.The Old Question

Korean dignity will not be fully restored so long as Japan does not truly apologize and take full responsibility by offering remuneration to all living former „colonial“ subjects.


2.The Grim Question

Most Korean goods & natural resources - even human Beings - had been stolen by Japan in the years 1905 - 1945.


3. The Idiotic Question

Japanese leaders honour their war criminals regularly and threaten and

annoy by that their neighbours in doing so.


4.The Embarrasing Question

Foreign „comfort women“,sex slaves from Korea and elsewhere, get no apologies or payments direct from the Japanese government.


5.The German Question ( The Division Question?)

After WWII Japan was not divided,unlike Germany,but its victim,Korea,was.

Japan made much money again through the subsequent Korean War (1950-53) and rebuilt its society through this war economy.


In the context of history,looking into the past,remembering, - there will always be endless questions.Here I focused on five questions out of the history between Korea & Japan.These arose out of a profound desire for justice.

In Europe we can witness that only 60 years after the deadliest engagement between European nations,they have overcome their hostility.Confidence became bigger than suspicion.

The former most hostile nation,Germany,where I originate,made all sorts of efforts to apologize to its former victims,and remember to avoid a fallback into stone-age-like territorialism in space,time and thought.These days Japan is overdue to unveil itself to its neighbours and former victims.Only then will there be a chance to unite the Asian nations in an even more peaceful and remaining confidence than now.As we can witness growing anti-Japanese resentment in China beginning in 2004 time is running short for Japan to struggle for a way to answer at least these five questions in a constructively and comprehensively manner.


Only 15 years after the end of the most tense and destructive Cold War through efforts at European unity- and cultural integration,the European Union expanded itself peacefully together with its former eastern communist counterparts:

„unity in its diversity“ - preamble of the European constitution (October 2004).

This integration is a dignifying theme for the Asian region,as well.And the chances to follow that peaceful road is available these days.Within that approach are the steps toward truth for Japan and the ending of the antagonistic besiegment of North Korea by integrating it into a bigger union.


Accordingly,the musical compositions on this recording are an attempt to engage the future by looking back to this history of suffering and making the pains conscious again in order to overcome them once and for all.


„T_error * kr ./. jp“ recollects also the idea of an „acoustic battlefield image“

( as on the previous work „nu:clear re:actor“) by sketching the cruel barbarian behaviour of Japan towards the peaceful and high minded folks of Korea: distortion,pain and sorrow,continued dull power,the copying and adaption of foreign lifestyles to use them as for a new form of imperialistic conquest.



October 2004,Alfred Harth


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containing sound sources by Bulent Ates,Choi Joonyong,Hong Chulki,Kang Taewhan,Sachiko M,Otomo Yoshihide,Yun Isang




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Taken on October 26, 2005