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An ongoing project by a-small-lab:

As part of an investigation into the relationship of creative uses of public space and spatial configuration I took photos of all the graffiti/street art (that I could see)in selected areas in Tokyo last year. I'm sure that there are some people that would be interested in using the images I took for their own projects!

In total there are about 5,500 images (some close-up, some with multiple pieces, some scene-setting shots...) - probably tens of thousands of individual pieces of street art. Maps indicating where each image was taken (I didn't have a GPS so these are only approximate) are also available.


You can download a selection of 2000 images to use any way you like from here: gumroad.com/l/tokyo-street-art-image-resource

shibuya GR 08 01 26 graffiti research

shibuya GR 08 01 26...

1,203 photos

shibuya GR 08 02 29 graffiti research

shibuya GR 08 02 29...

1,097 photos