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Pictures of International Forum "Around Cable. Around Data Center. Around Cloud. Around IP. Business & IT" (Russia) - a unique specialized event yearly gathering under its roof hundreds of leading national and foreign specialists in information technologies and communications. ACAIP, ADCAIP, ACBIT, Grand and others are sections of the Forum.

Ufa, BIT-2019 Forum

Ufa, BIT-2019 Forum

145 photos

Ufa, BIT-2017 Forum

Ufa, BIT-2017 Forum

175 photos

Yaroslavl, ADCAC&AIPBIT-2015 Conference


83 photos

Sochi, BITAD&ADCAIP-2015 Forum


136 photos

Novosibirsk, ADCAC&AIPBIT-2015 Forum


186 photos

Grand-2015 Forum (Ekaterinburg)

Grand-2015 Forum...

158 photos

Grand Forum 2014 (Ekaterinburg)

Grand Forum 2014...

254 photos

Grand Forum 2013 (Ekaterinburg)

Grand Forum 2013...

150 photos

Vladivostok, ADCAC&AIP-2013 Conference


89 photos

ADCAC Forum 2013 (Rostov-na-Donu)

ADCAC Forum 2013...

170 photos