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Black poplar mushroom dumplings at Elite Restaurant in Monterey Park, California...

Dim sum dumplings filled with black poplar mushrooms (茶樹菇 / agrocybe aegerita) as well as pork and vegetables in a "crab apple" shape, topped with roe at Elite Restaurant (名流山莊) on Atlantic Blvd in Monterey Park, CA, listed on the dim sum menu in English as "Mushroom Dumpling w / Meat" or in Chinese as "茶树菇海棠果" - which roughly translates as "Tea Tree Mushroom Crab Apples".


Note: Black poplar mushrooms are highly prized in many cuisines and are also known as Tea Tree Mushrooms, Velvet Pioppino and Chestnut Mushrooms - they resemble brown beech mushrooms which are commonly known as shimeji in Japan, as well as Italian mushrooms known as chiodini.


Appears in the Southern California photo book.


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Taken in March 2010