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A coffee shop outside Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan...

Tokyo: Kōhī Amikane (コーヒー網兼), a tiny coffee shop (kissaten / 喫茶店) outside Tsukiji Fish Market freshly grinds their coffee beans.


Coffee appeared in many forms on my visit to Japan. There was of course the ubiquitous canned coffee (kan kohi / 缶コーヒー) from the famous vending machines just about everywhere, even on the top of mountain in a town populated by monks and monasteries.


Walking through the pathways of the Black Gate Market (Kuromon Ichiba / 黒門市場) in Osaka there was a shop dedicated to bulk coffee beans from all over the world, displayed in wooden barrels. In a nearby cafe, a line of vacuum coffee makers brewed high end blends, while at a small eatery next to the train station in Takayama you could get a cup that would be at home in any American diner.


Though the one I remember the most is this little coffee shop (kissaten / 喫茶店) off the sidewalk outside Tsukiji Fish Market (above), with its grinder for fresh beans, cream and sugar on the bar and the smiling woman holding her coffee cup - waiting for the first customers to arrive.


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Taken in June 2005