The calmness of blue

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    An image from my first roll of film through my Zero Image 2000. I think this was a 15 minute exposure onto Portra 400VC.

    Even though the sunset didn't come to anything that night, which was a wee bit disappointing, I do like the sense of encroaching blueness of the night sky, and it's reflection in the water. The cast it makes on the white boats in the fore and middle ground is lovely.

    This was quite a choppy evening, as it happens. I've noticed that quite a wind picks up over the river as darkness falls on warmer summer days. I am pretty sure that my tripod wiggles around a bit under these conditions, even with a camera bag dangling from it. This must impart some degree of softness to the image. The subtlest little bit of Photoshop tomfoolery cured that.

    The wonderful thing about a low-light pinhole exposure, of course, is that it's duration does a wonderful job of averaging out waves and ripples, and the net result are those lovely reflections on the satin-like water.

    My favourite aspect of this image, though, is it's incredible sense of depth. For me, it almost seems three dimensional. I'm wondering if this is a function of the leading lines and the way the sky gradually lightens towards the horizon.

    Not an earth-shattering shot, by any means, but for me it has many interesting dimensions.

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    1. munhow 59 months ago | reply

      this is great! nice capture! :) this camera never fail to give surprises uh ?

    2. art y fotos 59 months ago | reply

      Gorgeous skyline and colors. I also like that little bit of blur going on with the little boats next to the pier.

      First roll of film on your zero2000? Coulda' fooled me! Stay away from the "tomfoolery" stuff though. :)

      Please consider adding this image to our group pool Color Pinhole Photography!


    3. manyfires 59 months ago | reply

      Beautiful! I love to see those images from a person's first roll through a Zero Image.

    4. evan staley 59 months ago | reply

      it seems 3d to me too. great stuff. love the blues.

    5. munhow 59 months ago | reply

      too bad my first roll were only big fingers! covering almost half of the screen :p

    6. sue.h 59 months ago | reply

      beautiful - I love the feeling as the night settles over a scene - lovely work. Enjoy the zero image - it's wonderful photographic fun :)

    7. *Sante 59 months ago | reply


    8. D Stewart PDX 59 months ago | reply

      This is a very good photograph. Congratulations!

    9. Zeb Andrews 59 months ago | reply

      It quite a number of interesting dimensions for me too. I have always enjoyed that aspect of time within pinhole photography, how it can take even a windy evening, or at least an evening full of individual moments of wind, but when you average it all out over a span of time, it may not have been as windy as you thought... Definitely a new perspective to relate to anyway.

      I look forward to seeing the dawn shot from this spot, I still really like that particular image.

    10. Ed Cheong 59 months ago | reply

      its a very nice shot! inspirational

    11. mccun934 59 months ago | reply

      i like the fuzzy glowy softness of the city skyline. very cool.

    12. drizzlecombe 59 months ago | reply

      Thanks for all your comments, everyone!

      Munhow, yep I'm with you. I have a few images where the 'shutter' clips off the edge of the image because I didn't open it wide enough. I'm realising that sometimes, operating one of these pinhole cameras can be quite tricky, especially during a short exposure.

    13. Alex Abian (Also on 59 months ago | reply

      Wow, this shot is amazing! Congrats!!

    14. D Stewart PDX 59 months ago | reply

      Short exposures are much easier when you use your finger as the shutter. Have someone show you this technique. It makes it easier to get exposures less than one second, and less fiddling with the camera shutter means less motion. Keep pinholing!

    15. Bill Ratcliffe 59 months ago | reply

      Very nice shot!

    16. Daniel Polidori 36 months ago | reply

      Very nice photo. The pinhole lends a nice perspective from this location.

    17. MitchellGracey 25 months ago | reply

      really nice shot amazing technique used ;)

    18. 123456789456789 19 months ago | reply

      Stunning. This is absolutly captivating. ;)

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