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Three of a perfect pair | by .tyler. - Claudio Martella
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Three of a perfect pair

On the boat to Gotland island - Sweden. This is an old shot taken with my (guess what): Nikon FM2 - Kodak TMAX 400.


I remember being so little was exciting. Everything was real. It's strange to pronounce this sentence as it sounds tautological, but you know what I mean when you consider how much our consciousness develops with our aging.

This is good as it allows us for a better understanding of our world, theoretically brings us to survivor.

On the other side this is bringing us everyday to a higher level of abstraction, thus less real.

The magic goes away when you're not a child. This is the common sentence. But I have the same feeling everyday. I believe this is not a process that ends when you turn into an adult. More precisely, I believe there's nothing like "turning into an adult". It's an always developing process. Everyday you're always more an adult than the day before. If you're lucky. You will always feel childish considering your past, even when you're 60 and you'll think about your feelings, ideals, ideas when you were 50. But I don't mean a bad attitude of judgement towards ourselves. You just consider yourself like missing something compared to now.

But can we get more adult without loosing our childhood?

There are theories about personality that state that each human being needs 3 personalities to be considered healthy: child, adult and parent. You need all of them and you need to reach them in the order I wrote them.

Thanks to photography I discover myself looking at common things with the eyes and expressions of these two kids.

For this I'll always be thankful to my camera.

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Taken on April 3, 2007