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Various text books studied as part of my university degree (Bachelor of Business - Information Systems Major), plus one book "for fun".

  1. funkycoda 87 months ago | reply

    whoa.. neat.

    i bet you the Java2 is the "for fun" book. coz everything else seems M$ related.

  2. lu_lu 87 months ago | reply

    nope. note since added ;)

  3. funkycoda 87 months ago | reply

    dang.. missed it by 1 book :p

    w3b g33k

  4. Vucko1000 87 months ago | reply

    oh, well done, reading through all these.
    we had a standing joke at my uni for books of similar size - if you asked someone if it's good or useful, they would say - yes, they are good - for mosquitos (as in, smashing mossies with them) so much for my fellow students ;)

  5. NickHodge 87 months ago | reply

    you are 4 more books qualified than I am.

  6. aaronlang 62 months ago | reply

    Nice shot! Your picture is up at our page at thesis-translation.aaronlanguage.com/thesis_profile_Engli.... Your name is under the picture and links to the credits at thesis-translation.aaronlanguage.com/credits/thesis_credi... where it is listed, linking to your profile here at flickr. Thank for putting this up with a CC license!

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