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Balancing Act.



This started off as a completely different concept, but changed when shooting. I'm totally okay with that though. I understand that some ideas may not always come out as I plan, and there's always a chance to try again!


Someone asked me today what my goal was for my art. What it was I wanted to achieve by creating and it got me thinking a lot about what my purpose is to create. Many of you who follow me on flickr may see that I don't have a particular "style" of photography, although my work can distinctly be defined as my own, I don't think you can pinpoint what genre my photos fall under. I know, that my reason for creating is to allow people to see into my mind; my mind which is full of unending mysteries and stories, all dark and all twisted. That is what my purpose for creating is. To allow you to see the darkness in my mind. In no way, do I want to create pretty images that are going to be appealing to the human eye, yet have no deeper meaning than what is just visually there. We all have darkness within ourselves. Whether we believe it or not.


I once heard a quote, I'm not entirely sure where it was but it stuck with me; "The darkness will always tell better stories than the light".


That there, on my head is a sheep skull by the way. I found it in my backyard.


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Taken on June 23, 2012