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This was originally going to be the photo for this day, but at the time it wasn't what I wanted.


I'm really missing photography at the moment. I sold my camera last week in order to make up the rest of the money for my mark ii which I had planned to buy this past weekend, only to be put in a terrible situation. My parents aren't allowing me to purchase my camera at this point in time, because I have some medical/health costs to cover (which, I totally understand are my priority). Which means I won't own a camera for a while. Maybe weeks, maybe days. I'm not sure. I must say a massive thank you to my little Kristina though, for allowing me to use her camera next week and until I buy my new camera. I really do not know what I'd do without her.


Ontop of that, even if I had a camera in my hands, I would be too sick to actually shoot. And busy. I have exams on right now, and today is my little brothers birthday, so I guess everything is just happening at the same time. I only tell you all this so you can understand why I have been away.


I'm also taking a trip up to Northern Queensland soon, if anyone lives up there wants to collaborate, send me a message!


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Taken on March 31, 2012