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I'm finally feeling like I'm recovering from my trip and it's time to start processing photos! :)


I went hyper-commando and ended up losing 11 lbs in the 6 days I was there, and it really took the stuffing out of me. I've always lost weight on my WDW trips (even with free dining), but usually about 7-8 lbs in 9-10 days. I've been a zombie since I got home and haven't even looked at the 3000 or so photos I took until tonight.


All told, it was a really great time. The weather didn't cooperate for the first 4 days, but the last 2 were really nice (makes me glad I decided to make it 6 days). I closed a park every night that the weather allowed, and rode all my favorites many, many times (usually in a row since crowds were dead). Also enjoyed randomly meeting 4 other flickr people while shooting after hours. The solo trip experience was fun, but I found myself missing my family even by the second day, and was very ready to come home by day 6.


The fisheye lens was AWESOME. I struggled to use it at first, but once I got comfortable I found myself going overboard with it (which I said I wouldn't do.. oops).


I'm really glad to have a large cache of photos to post for the next year and a half or so. It's not likely I'll be back to WDW before then (though I've said this before!), but my wife and I are REALLY looking forward to taking our boys to Disneyland this fall for my birthday.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy the first of many new shares from me!


This shot is 4 exposures each at 0.6 sec handheld, ISO 1600, all merged together to reduce noise and get rid of the few stragglers that ended up in the shot (though I see I left one on the right, oops)

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Taken on February 4, 2010