Life, above and below

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I wasn't sure what to do with this shot, it's part of a series i took at the church the other evening, intending to produce a HDR image (I may still produce a HDR of it), but on this one i liked the open space and overexposed sky (was part of the +ve exposure bracketing for the HDR). Then I thought, i've been meaning to have a play with adding some birds for a while. So I added the birds and realised they broke up the white space nicely.

So thanks very much to Robert Voors who kindly agreed i could use his image of flying geese, I finally got a chance to put the idea to practice.

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  1. Kieran Lynam 114 months ago | reply

    Great mood - smashing shot!

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  2. Yves. 114 months ago | reply

    Great pic as well, really like it... also very nice with the birds, probably lead to the title.. :)

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  3. juaini 114 months ago | reply

    wow i think the birds really made the shot!

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  4. lght 114 months ago | reply

    The birds, the birds... This is perhaps even better than the 'nevermore' thing.
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  5. PS06 114 months ago | reply

    Cool image Carl,
    The birds seem to fit so well. The over exposed sky works well against the church, great title too!

  6. Rob.Hudson 114 months ago | reply

    Those birds do just make the image!

    Not sure theres much life below? I hope!

  7. c@rljones 114 months ago | reply

    Thanks everyone, i'm glad you all thought the birds fit in quite nicely in the scene, you can expect to see those chaps turn up again i'm sure ;)

  8. Robert Voors 114 months ago | reply

    Well done!
    I guess I would have liked the image without the birds as well, but to add them that was really good. You certainly made good use of my image.

  9. c@rljones 114 months ago | reply

    Thank you so much Robert, i'm glad you approve, and thanks again for letting me use the image, i'll be sure to credit you every time i use them :)

  10. atakan37 114 months ago | reply

    Nice composition...And the birds makes the picture mysterious...Well done!
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  11. grammy2boys 114 months ago | reply

    I caught this from your thumbnail shots. It grabbed me. Graveyards are so cool. The birds are a good addition, they do break up the sky nicely. I'd like to see the HDR version and possibly a B&W version, huh?
    I'm just becoming familiar with your work. I like what I see.

  12. Lucid Developer 114 months ago | reply

    WOW, just stunning. I think that this picture is well done. I'm glad you didn't HDR it. We would have missed such a great shot. They over exposed sky and added birds are so well balanced. Also the framing and composition is so great. I love this one.

  13. dserane 114 months ago | reply

    That is something else, the birds are amazing, really are fitting into the scene nicely and would never have known they were added if you'd not told us.

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  14. SelFelin 93 months ago | reply

    that's my granparents grave.....the one on the bottom far right

  15. c@rljones 93 months ago | reply

    GLYNDWR2 Ooh crikey that must be strange seeing it randomly on flickr! If you want me to crop the bottom part out let me know, I certainly wouldn't want to upset anyone over the pic.

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  16. SelFelin 92 months ago | reply

    Bllody hell no mate! They been dead for over 30 (grandpops) and 50 (grnadma) years. Like u said - strange seeing it randomly seen on flickr - yes!!

  17. margarita-skorpina 86 months ago | reply

    Wow the whole thing is just like the "resident evil 4" cemetery scenery. Great pic.

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