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One Sow's son is another man's breakfast

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Down the lane from our house is a small farm (only a handful of animals) which the kids lovingly refer to as "the piggy lane" because he farmer keeps pigs there.

From an early age i've tried to explain to the kids where the meat on their plate come's from but i'm still not convinced it's really sinking in (they are very young though) when we see the excited look on their faces when we go see the pigs.

Even the pigs seem excited.. if only they knew!

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  1. the-father 89 months ago | reply

    a really great one and pigs are bringing luck.

  2. wish u were here (off contemplating life) [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

    this really is a niceshot but it troubles me to think where these piggies are going ;0(
    (1-2-3 Nature)

  3. RichLegg 89 months ago | reply

    That note on the lower eye is classic!

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  4. timops96 [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

    I like pigs, they are sensitive and intelligente, and I like your picture.

  5. LinBow 89 months ago | reply

    Great composition,but I am a vegetarian, so this picture makes me sad.

  6. SheriTherapist 89 months ago | reply

    This is a great composition and the pigs are so cute...it is sad to know what their fate is and that they are all jammed together in this pen. Makes me think of Orwell's Animal Farm.
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  7. wolfbayplayer 89 months ago | reply

    Su-eee, pig, pig!!! Time to slop the hogs!
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  8. *John_M* [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

    Seeing all this pork has got me scratching. Poor piggies - Lol! J. :)

  9. seanhepburn2006 89 months ago | reply

    High Five

    Keep talking and explaining, I had it explained to me when I was 22 and gave up meat at 27. I'm 42 now and count every living soul I didn't eat!

  10. tee4tia 89 months ago | reply

    I'm right with you seanhepburn2006. When you look into an animal's eyes and you see a friend, it's hard to eat them.

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  11. madriguera 89 months ago | reply

    i think we are in the year of the pig (chinese calendar) your pic deserves a high5
    High Five

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  12. iamkaki [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

    They always look like they are smiling!! Your story made me laugh. When I was young I was asked to gather the eggs from the neighbors chicken coop while they were away. A young friend was staying with us. When we told her we were going to eat those eggs we gathered she said "no thanks, I only eat factory eggs". We were around 11 years old. Still makes me smile.

    High Five

  13. EauCourante 88 months ago | reply

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    wonderful composition

  14. plecojan 88 months ago | reply

    That's it...no more bacon for me. (I don't eat it anyway.) Nice comp and details on these piggies.
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  15. david eastley 87 months ago | reply

    that really made me smile

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  16. Mayiya [deleted] 86 months ago | reply

    good pic.

  17. raisinsawdust - (aka: withaneyephotography) 86 months ago | reply

    a little crowded in the wings - I'd say

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