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Computer lab tool kit phase 2 IMG_2137 | by wbaiv
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Computer lab tool kit phase 2 IMG_2137

Shopping List:

Bootable USB stick/(thumb)drive w/ utility sw

Additional USB drives/sticks w/ BIOS updates, etc.

Container and twist-wires removed from cables, etc.

Small container for rubber bands

Stackable grounded power connector with neon lamp inside.

Magnifying glass

Plastic putty knife for prying open plastic cases w/o scratching

Long-reach diagonal cutters

Needle-nose pliers

Wire (insulation) stripper

Fixed size screw drivers


Phase 1 kit is lower left. From OS media to tweezers.


Starting on upper left


USB "Thumb" drives. Several, in different sizes. This group of 3 has 1 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB sizes.


Twist wires removed from cabling, in an easy-access container. Your lab is full of wires and cables. Twist wires are easier than tie wraps and reusable. When you take them off, put them aside for the future.


Rubber bands. Useless for wires and cables, perfect for holding small boxes, antistatic bags and the like closed, holding related objects together (DVD + USB drive...)


Neon lamp 3 prong tracer- works with 120/208/240 VAC. How to check that power is on, and you can piggyback whatever you want to power up on this little extension gizzy.


A few more fixed size screw drivers


Magnifying glass, goes with flashlight, for tiny writing and hard to read stuff on motherboards, etc.


Plastic putty knife. For prying open cases without damaging them. DO NOT pry open computers with metal screw drivers.


Diagonal cutters, insulation strippers, needle-nose pliers: These do similar jobs, but each is best for some and not so good for the rest.


Diagonal cutters are far better than the cutter element in a pair of needle nose pliers, for cutting wire to length.


Wire stripping tool, legit, dedicated, makes a good job easy, stripping insulation from wires.


Needle-nose pliers are about your best friend when you have to reach into some tiny place, or beyond the range of other tools, for for something too heavy for tweezers, The third most useful tool after the #1 Phillips screwdriver and the Sharpie pen.

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Taken on April 11, 2017