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Shop Window - Sablon Brussels

Imagine my surprise as I walked past a shop window in central Brussels this evening, to be confronted by this lady and in the Sablon of all places.


NOTE: A pretty average/poor photo in my opinion but there must be something about it to make so many people look a little closer. I can only think that people think she is real, like Fred below ;-)


I think she was created in 1973, the year I was born as it happens, so maybe she has a very 'early 70s' shaped body compared to the 'sticks' we see in the popular media nowadays. I found the following text on the website that is related to this art exhibit. Hopefully I won't get into trouble for putting it here on Flickr. ;-)


"I always believed in the real thing," sculptor John DeAndrea says of his ultra-life like work, "lf I could make it breathe I'd say. 'l've done a good days work now! " For more than twenty years, John DeAndrea's sculpture has extended realism, his inheritance from ancient Greece and Renaissance Italy, to its extreme. His figures remain the last word in illusionism, enduring chilly gallery settings with serenity.


Yet the artist's own myth is Promethean. His is the legend of the creator who challenges the Gods themselves to favor or condemn his intentions. Dedalus makes a statue of a hero so lifelike that Hercules takes it for a rival and knocks it down. Aphrodite breathes life into Pygmalion's ivory Galatea.

There are Dr Frankenstein's furtive experiments and Coppelius's wonderful doll.


DeAndrea's astonishingly realistic figures are cast from life and rendered in minute detail. Hair is set into plastic scalps, brows and pubes a few strands at a time. The oil polychrome 'skins' reveal moles, tiny veins, and scars. For draped works, garments are taken apart and reassembled on the fully painted bodies. In the nudes, pressure marks on the flesh made by clothing are preserved by the casting material.


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Taken on October 31, 2005