Manga hobos?

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    That's what I call them, but there has to be a better name.

    UPDATE: Isn't Frauenfelder awesome? And I think hobotaku is winning (otaku is only derogatory in Japan, I believe).

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    1. cowicide 85 months ago | reply


      You are the Ball; they are the Pins.

    2. blixa percy 85 months ago | reply

      The Manga Freaders.

    3. schadenfraulein 85 months ago | reply

      I would say "suwariyomi."

      The term "otaku" has nothing to do with living at home; many young, single Japanese continue to live with their parents until marriage.

      "Otaku," meaning "your (honorable) house," is also an excruciatingly polite second-person pronoun. Hardcore anime fans used the term to dismissively refer to the outsiders who did not share their hobby. But people turned the word back on the anime fans, as if to say, "You are the ones who are outsiders." After that, the term "otaku" rode the dysphemism treadmill, becoming a badge of pride.

      Then, in 1989, four gruesome, high-profile murders were committed by a man whom the media characterized as "otaku," and anime fans began to distance themselves from the word.

      Recently, the term "wotaku" has come into use. It is pronounced the same but spelled differently to distinguish it from the negative connotations of "otaku."

    4. squeak327 85 months ago | reply

      Mangalers, because they inevitably break the spines/rip out pages/leave the section an ungodly mess.

    5. technogamy 85 months ago | reply


      Mangnomes (manga garden gnomes -- a bit tough to pronounce)
      Flamangoes (manga-reading pink flamingoes, especially for the kids who aren't sitting but are leaning backwards on one leg)
      Aisle barnacles
      Mangasites (manga parasites)

      ... all this, coming from someone who frequently *does* this (not with manga, but books generally) and who wouldn't mind a negative appelation as long as you don't stop me from freeloading!

    6. Roger Mexico 85 months ago | reply

      Mangabonds ( a la vagabonds). That's it.

    7. thisisfranciswu 85 months ago | reply

      Mangaloits: manga + mongoloids + loiterers.


    8. JuanNavarro 85 months ago | reply

      I like Freaders ( Freeloading readers) since in the stores I've seen it's not so much Manga, but also the American Graphic Novels in general.

      I tend to just walk through "Dust Cropping" if I can and wait for their reaction in the next isle.

    9. JasonRArnold 85 months ago | reply (Derogatory) (Derogatory)

      I'm all for hobotaku. They appear to usually be in high school or their early 20's and don't want to buy the manga (which is overpriced). So they lounge in an aisle blocking your way.

      I usually walk through these sections to see how many manga I can notice that I've already read before they got licensed and got terrible translations. Sadly, these types of people usually prevent me from walking through. I'm surprised Borders and the like doesn't kick them out.

    10. ChoirPreecher 85 months ago | reply

      How 'bout Mangawpers

    11. laseroption 85 months ago | reply

      My vote goes to Hobotaku. Perfect.

    12. charcoalwing 85 months ago | reply

      hahahaha, virgins

    13. neobanzia 85 months ago | reply

      [edited] Votes for Hobotaku

    14. James Harris [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

      hobotaku is awesome, however it doesn't account for people who read the non manga books.

    15. Dirty Knobs 85 months ago | reply

      I like "mangagnomes," but it looks like "hobotaku" has struck a chord.

      Also, check out more discussion about your photo here:

      Good times!

    16. iwillquantify 85 months ago | reply

      How about MangaMuffins? I just like the way it sounds.

    17. sheenisaunders 85 months ago | reply

      This is a mild case. Often they can be found lying on their stomachs on the floor with their shoes off.

      It's one thing for someone to sit in a chair and read ten issues of a manga without buying it. Sure, it's annoying - it's practically stealing, both from the bookstore and the manga artists. But this lazy form of lounging is just ridiculously rude.

      As for why bookstores don't throw them out: we're not allowed.

    18. Amyaz 83 months ago | reply

      they're not very nice to the books either. they should go to the library - especially when the library has a good manga section (like the one near the bookstore i worked at in ann arbor, mi).

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