New Zealand - Kepler Track
2018 Jan 1 - Control Gates to Brod Bay (3.5 miles, flat) started the trail in the evening, walked for an hour to camp
2018 Jan 2 - Brod Bay to Luxmore Hut (5.2 miles, +2,900ft/-0ft) started around 8am and was at the hut by 11am, good day for relaxing, reading, and enjoying the views! side trip to the cave
2018 Jan 3 - Luxmore Hut to Iris Burn Hut (11.6 miles, +1,800/-3,400ft) left around 8am, side trip to summit Mount Luxmore, took my sweet time on this amazing section above treeline. The weather changed every moment so there was always something new to see and something newly obscured by clouds
2018 Jan 4 - Iris Burn Hut to Rainbow Reach (14.6 miles, +500ft/-1,500ft) it rained most of the day, but also this was through the forest. so many ferns, so much green! fewer photos b/c my camera was put away safely in its drybag. left Iris Burn at 9:30am and had a lunch snack at Montrau Hut at 12:30pm, was at Rainbow Reach by 3pm. hitched a ride back to the Control Gates.
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