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Honey, what about the pig? | by Paulinacha Loves Sriracha
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Honey, what about the pig?

This is a picture I took back in 1984 while I was living in Cusco, Peru, for one year as an exchange student. I chose not to dust the slides (oops, mistake!) so, well, they're kind of dusty!


I don't remember what town this was in, but it was certainly in the province of Cusco... maybe on the way to or from Urubamba. This was a common form of transport in Cusco.


No me acuerdo en qué ciudad estuvimos, pero creo que estabamos de vuelta a Cusco de Urubamba o tal vez de Pisaq.


I love the fact that I used to live in a place where pigs just roamed the town! I didn't actually live in this place, but I lived it Cusco, which is within an hours drive from wherever this was taken.


11/14/07 I have this picture up as my desktop right now... when I got home tonight after class I turned my computer on and was admiring the pig. It struck me that most people that I know probably didn't ever live in a place where pigs roamed the streets! While I was looking at this picture, I noticed the landscape and how much it looked like it would have lots of landslides. Then I remembered from my studying for my Geography exam last week that the Andes mountains are volcanic mountains, i.e. that they were formed by volcanic action. Then I thought about how many Earthquakes they have because of being a volcanic place... and THEN I was thinking about El Sen~or de los Temblores (god of earthquakes)... and then, I logged out of flickr and went, uncharacteristically, to CNN and there was a picture with a caption about a 7.7 earthquake in northern Chile. I thought "Wow..." Why? Because I had just been thinking about Our Man of the Earthquakes moments before and there it was in the headline of CNN's main web page.

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Uploaded on August 6, 2007