Rutkowski Family Fosters
Fostering can be a bit of work, but the rewards are amazing. Some have been 8 week old puppies, others adults, some are only with us a week and some are here longer, but each one wiggles their way into your heart in their own special way.

We started fostering to pay forward the happiness Homeward Bound gave us when we adopted our Cooper 3 years ago. It's hard to imagine that if someone hadn't opened their heart and home to foster Cooper, that the best dog in the world wouldn't have had a life. Fostering is a wonderful opportunity to do the same for someone else. When we see our foster leave with a smiling family, maybe chasing a laughing child across the parking lot on their way to a new home, it pulls our heart strings. We are often sad to see them go, but happy knowing that we have been a stepping stone to a great new life for them. And then we take the next one in and do it all over again!!!

Herbie and Doc are our 9th and 10th fosters. Doc is dynamo of energy and personality in a little 16 pound package and definitely likes having another dog to run and play with. He will exhaust himself and then come roll on his back on your lap for a belly rub and crash out! Herbie was left alone in an abandoned house for the first 6 months of her life and just brought food and water. She now knows that she can be loved and returns that affection enthusiastically with lots of kisses and lap warming. She follows me from room to room and waits outside a closed door for me. She has learned to play with the other dogs, and is best friends with our other foster Doc and they run circles through the yard with Cooper.

It always makes us smile.
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