Dyahn Fosters
I adopted my sweet girl Kobi from Homeward Bound in 2008. A year later I received an email asking if I would like to volunteer with the organization and decided to give it a try. Four years and over 60 foster dogs later I am still at it and can't imagine not doing this. Knowing there are so many homeless, neglected and abused dogs around breaks my heart and the little bit that I can contribute to correcting this problem keeps me going. Fostering isn't always easy, and it isn't always fun, but the satisfaction of placing a dog in what I think is the perfect home is indescribable. Fosters get paid in sloppy kisses and warm furry hugs as we are all volunteers, and when someone tells me they couldn't do what I do, I know that isn't true. Yes, foster moms and dads may be a special kind of crazy, but it isn't all that different from being a parent. When those big, soft eyes look at you and you receive a goofy dog smile that tells you they think you are the greatest.. well, who can resist that? Certainly not me. So why do I foster? As I said, I have over 60 reasons to date and I'm still going strong.
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