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    i was tagged by a very handsome man on the other side of the planet to do the flickr quizz.

    q: six names you go by?
    a: anneke
    gestoorde van de voorde
    de trut van de frut
    de slons van de 25
    de mama van de ricky

    q: three things you are wearing right now
    a: a bra from la fille d'o
    purple pumps

    q: four things you want very badly at this moment
    a cigarette, red bull, a night out with kenny dope gonzales and for my son to stop hitting on everyone and everything that moves

    q: three people who (i think) may answer this:
    a: by the edges (mel!), londontravelfox (carl, i beg you), roberke

    q: two things you did last night
    a: since i'm an editor i always work at night, i start at 5PM and finish around midnight
    when i got home i watched a french documentary on kids who have cancer

    q: last two people you talked to on the phone
    a: peter de meyer (he's a journalist, i wanted to check if the street he had mentioned in an article about an accident was correct)
    phille, my man. he called to tell me the television was broke and accused me of having something to do with it

    q: two things you are going to do tomorrow:
    a: buy shoes, take pictures

    three favourite drinks:
    red bull, mojito and beer

    my victims are:
    by the edges
    david (rubiopic)

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    1. picinisco 61 months ago | reply

      What are you trying to hide?

    2. without disguise 61 months ago | reply

      . quizz whizz blizz blizz bubble bubble blue shoezz .

    3. londontravelfox 61 months ago | reply

      I can't wait to see your new shoes!

    4. Mr Cheeks - the real one 61 months ago | reply

      Love that!!!
      btw you make me feel like a loser when it comes to picture taking. anyone comparing our streams can see that this is the correct way to feel for me.

    5. Clem's Foto Stuff 61 months ago | reply

      Having no television set, I have always felt "safe" with you.

    6. Sexarepos 60 months ago | reply

      That bra from la fille d'o was a great gift no ?

    7. anneke!!! 60 months ago | reply

      jesus christ, yannick. als ge nu nog altijd denkt dat ik maar één beha heb, zit ge'r zwaar naast. no?

    8. doctor.alias 60 months ago | reply

      amazing cool shot ! instant faved --

    9. Djuliet 28 months ago | reply

      Djuliet me?
      is this still on? or have i already done it and forgot? i feel so out of touch!!

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