RED SAUSAGE EVENT @ Aamanns Copenhagen
​New Nordic meets Danish Street Food!

Anyone who has wandered the streets of Copenhagen has inevitably entered a pølsevogn (hot dog wagon), which are more ubiquitous in Denmark than Starbucks in NYC. Unlike any hot dog in America, the danish hot dog is a red, delicious, sausage with a snap, topped with condiments, crispy fried onions, and sweet scandinavian pickles. The Danish pop-up restaurant, Revolving Dansk, served these hot dogs pølsevogn-style for this one day event at Aamanns-Copenhagen in Tribeca, along with drink specials and a mix of europop and scandinavian rock music.

This event was held Sunday October 20th 2pm - 6pm, at Aamanns-Copenhagen located in TriBeca in Manhattan (13 Laight St New York, NY).
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