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Earth 2 - Plant Life.

We return to Earth 2. This latest photoband shows a life form that is essentially quite a large 'plant', growing to just over 3 feet/1 metre. It only grows on sloping ground and propagates by sending a runner downhill from where the next spike emerges. It thus creates a ridged line of plants growing down a slope that comes to a full stop if the terrain levels out.


The tip of each spike creates a significant irritation to our skin. However, the most unusual feature is that it can defend itself by detaching and firing its stem tips some distance into the air, thereby discouraging any (as yet unknown) grazing 'animal' from eating the plant.


Here, in this high-speed shot, you can clearly see two tips airborne, whilst several others can be seen at their point of detachment and take off from the spikes. The overall result is a volley of shots at any perceived threat from above.


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Flick Explore #236 March 20 2008

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Taken on February 9, 2008