The cathedral

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    Ruins of the Cathedral and the church of Redeemer in Ani - Ruinas de la catedral y de la iglesia del Redentor en Ani

    1. Ahmad Hegab 105 months ago | reply


      The view is Amizing

    2. 105 months ago | reply

      Many thanks, ahmed!
      Ani is a very special place...

    3. peace.peace 96 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing.
      Here is the historic times:

    4. 96 months ago | reply

      You're welcome, peace.peace
      Many thanks for the info ;-)

    5. Dirk vdE 83 months ago | reply

      Muy buena toma, me gustan las iglesias armenian.

    6. Artak Davtian 82 months ago | reply

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    7. Seroujo 72 months ago | reply

      Great capture!

      With your permission, I'd like to add this image to the Wikipedia article on Ani Cathedral. To consent, simply release this photo under the "Attribution Creative Commons" license from the "edit" link under the "Additional Information" section of this photo's page. (Note that you must allow Derivative Works and Commercial Usage to be accepted in Wikipedia.) You will be credited for your work. Thank you.

    8. fusion-of-horizons 70 months ago | reply

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    9. 52 months ago | reply

      Beautiful! Is special permission needed to visit this area, or can anyone go?

    10. jan souvenir 35 months ago | reply

      incredible Armenian cultural heritage in West Armenia (Turkey) .It used to be called a city of 1,000 and 1 churches. The Mother Temple, as well as the Gagkashen, Hovvi, Holy Savior and other churches are located in Ani. Ashot III Bagratuni proclaimed Ani a capital in 961 after moving it from Kars to the royal throne. Ani is also one of the important monuments of world civil heritage. Ani was the capital of Armenia (961-1045)

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