Indian Faces of the Great War, CAFHR-USI
Our photostream highlights the diverse range of actors who played a role in India’s oft-forgotten contribution to the Great War. India contributed immensely to the war effort in terms of both men and material. Her soldiers served in numerous battlefields around the globe: in France and Belgium, in Aden, Arabia, East Africa, Gallipoli, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Persia, Salonica, Russia, and even in China. By the end of the war 1,100,000 Indians had served overseas at the cost of 60,000 dead. They earned over 9,200 decorations for gallantry including 11 Victoria Crosses. These figures include the contribution of over 26,000 Imperial Service troops who were a part of the Indian States Forces.

As part of our 'India and the Great War' Centenary commemoration project, we invite people to contribute photographs and share their stories of those Indians who served with credit and honour in the First World War. Please send us your contributions to

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