The Sole of The Story 2011
The Story 2011 ( a day of stories, storytelling and insight on telling tales organised by Mat Lock and held at the Conway Hall, London on the 18 February.

I arrived late and so ended up sitting on the floor for the first session. I noticed a fabulous pair of brogue boots beside me ( and took a pic of them - sadly I never got the name of their owner, so if you see this set and know who they belong to please let me know.

This photo led to an idea and connected in with a project I'd started the week before called Feet on the Overground (; that rather than taking people's faces that day I'd ask to take a pic of their shoes.

Responses to such requests varied from delight to puzzlement. However, I got to hear a lovely array of personal stories as a result, from those I knew and those I'd just met, which made the day quite special.

Toby Moores (aka @sleepydog) and I had a wonderful chat about it all, and he described it as 'minimal viable conversations' (if I remember correctly). Either way, HUGE thanks to everyone who allowed me to take a snap of their footwear and who told their stories and chatted so generously.

PS. For those interested (or wondering about the noisy quality of some pics) they photos were taken using the ShakeItPhoto iPhone app in whatever light was available. It was one of those things where if you didn't seize the moment the opportunity wouldn't come again that day.

UPDATE: The mystery owner of the brown brogue boots has been solved - they belong to Mr @tony_white_
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