Korean Buddhist Art
December 22, 2007–January 19, 2008, 12 noon–4:00 pm
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

Inspired by the hugely successful series on traditional Korean Buddhist arts in 2003, the museum is thrilled to present another artist residency by three gifted Korean monk/artists: Seol Min-seunim (a female monk and master painter formerly called Jae-U-seunim), Myung Chun-seunim (also a renowned artist), and Sung Ryun-seunim. The program will consist of painting demonstrations and hands-on activities for the public. Visitors may create their own woodblock prints of a Buddhist sutra, the “Heart Sutra,” (Banya Simgyeong in Korean), as well as create rubbings of the Buddha and a stone pagoda. The program will culminate on January 20 with a sacred eye-opening ceremony of two hanging scrolls that the monks are donating to the museum.
(Note: “seunim” is a gender-neutral Korean term that means monk, priest, or nun.)
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