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Company of the 95th Rifles

First in the field and the last out’ describes completely the place in battle of a Rifle company of the 95th.

Historically the Rifles were selected from the cream of the army and trained to the highest standards of individual

performance and team work. This principal is followed in our company today with each man schooled in the

proficiencies of drill, weapon handling, field craft and tactical manoeuvres. Training is initially conducted during

dedicated training events at the beginning of each season and is then ongoing.


Your uniform is dark green with black facings, the first ever attempt at camouflage undertaken by the British

Army. Accordingly your leatherwork is also black, requiring no pipe clay or whitening to clean it. It is the

most practical set of equipment of the Napoleonic era and completely in keeping with the role of a

skirmisher. The side arms are of course the Baker Rifle and Sword Bayonet, which will become the tools of

your trade and your constant companions in battle. While firing blank charges at events, we strive to

conduct live firing range days each year so that you may know the true feel and power of your weapon.

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Taken on April 11, 2010