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First loaf

48/17th February 2010


I produced my first loaf this morning on my new Panasonic SD255 bread machine, waking up to the smell of freshly made bread as it was set up to bake a loaf ready for breakfast, overnight.

Bread is one of our staple foods and the supermarkets try to keep the price as low as possible since bread is an item that is easily compared from shop to shop. All loaves in the UK are sold in multiples of 400g, a small loaf being 400g and a large loaf of bread being 800g

In the quest for lower costs, mass produced bread began to be made by a new process in the 1960s, which reduced the amount of time and labour involved. This process, known as the Chorleywood process, involved more mechanical input but also increased amounts of salt, sugar and the addition of chemical improvers.

Some people link this fundamental change in the bread making process with an increase in wheat (or gluten) intolerance otherwise known as Coeliac disease amongst the population in the UK.

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Taken on February 17, 2010