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Cap'tain Weedbeard | by Bert.VR
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Cap'tain Weedbeard

"Aye, Seahumans!"


For my third entry in the Turtle Competition over at Eurobricks, I decided to depict the often misunderstood Cap'tain Weedbeard. This could be the largest turtle in the competition with 202 pieces. But I had a lot of fun in imagining and building this character. I hope you like him as much as the previous ones (thank you for that!), and don't let his looks deceive you! Let me explain...


Cap'tain Weedbeard... You can often hear his name whispered in small, far off waves. Turtles glance around them and, with a low voice, tell each other the latest rumors.


" I heard he has a beard! Can you imagine, a turtle with a beard? He must have sold his soul to the Seadevil!"

Nothing of the sort! Those who pay attention to his name, might already guess that it isn't a real beard (because, really, a turtle with a beard?). It's seaweed, that accumulated on his face after all his years and years out in the ocean. They keep him warm, and they get to see the world. It's perfectly natural, and the Seadevil really hasn't anything to do with it.


" But I heard he has made a terrible monster his slave as well!"

I would hardly call Starbuck, the cute little starfish that accompanies him everywhere a terrible monster. The self-confident chap would probably like it, but with that honest heart of gold, I don't believe he's every hurt a flying fish.


" And what about his belt, with his terrible orange sword and that magic potion..."

Magic potion??? Cap'tain Weedbeard doesn't need any to be so amazing. No, that flask he always carries around is filled with fresh water. It has often saved his life on his adventures. And that 'sword', as you call it... I don't think a carrot would be useful when you're threatened.


" But you can't deny his wooden leg, or his missing eye, or that ferocious hat! You're not going to tell me he was born like that!"

No, of course not. Don't make a complete imbecile of yourself. He got heavily wounded while trying to help a vessel of those Seahumans (one of those vessels that look like an empty turtle shell, you know) that got caught in the middle of a storm. There came a bolt out of the heaven that struck the ship, and it exploded for some unknown reason. But those Seahumans Weedbeard was saving, didn't forget him, and they managed to save him. They repaired him as good as they could (but of course, with their primitive knowledge, that was no good), and left him that peculiar hat. He has worn it proudly ever since, as a reminder to how helpfulness and warmheartedness can change one's life. Aye, that Cap'tain Weedbeard is truly an amazing mate, and one of the finest turtles ever to swim around. Don't thou ever speak bad of him again, or else the lightning is coming to make you look just as good as he does...




I hope you liked this one as well! I'd love to see what special turtles you can come up with!

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Uploaded on July 28, 2014