Wilfred Wyman
Wilfred Wyman, 2014-2017, object and sound* installation, 23 min 33 sec.

Wilfred Wyman is an object and sound installation, which constructs and narrates the life story of the fictional, late-Victorian artist Wilfred Wyman (1859-1939). Set against the backdrop of actual, historical events, Wyman’s life witnessed the scientific developments following the breakthroughs of Darwinian biology. Connecting multiple layers of time the character’s viewpoint puts into perspective the decades long political and biopolitical concern for the human subject to trace its social impact throughout the first half of the 20th century and beyond.

The work combines a collection of physical objects, both fictional and authentic, with a sound piece, narrated by Andrew Golder with music by Carlo Costa.
*Follow the link bellow to listen to the audio (duration: 23 min 33 sec):

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