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A Revolution in Starfighter Design!


Mon Calamari Shipyards is excited to announce its new Besh-class MCB starfighter platform. This innovation in the single-seat format will revolutionize navies of all sizes. The central fuselage contains the cockpit, astromech port, hyperdrive, and primary sublight engines. Most importantly, the fuselage also contains two freely-rotating power coupling collars which connect the main body of the ship to its customizable weapons packages. The ship simply docks between the two interchangeable “besh-wings”, and once the power couplings activate your squadron is mission-ready.


The Besh-class MCB has versatility and flexibility unmatched by its competitors. Shown here is the MCB-009 starfighter in dogfighting configuration. The besh-wings each contain twin heavy-duty laser cannons, enhanced defector shields, and dual secondary thrusters. Like all MCB weapons packages, the wings can roll independently of the fuselage, granting your cannons greater targeting accuracy and your engines greater maneuverability both in and out of atmosphere. The MCB-009 is the new benchmark in firepower and speed in the New Republic.


Weapons packages are also currently available in bomber, light freighter, reconnaissance, and search-and-rescue configurations. Most importantly, if your mission parameters change unexpectedly, the Mon Cal Besh-class fighter can dock with its capital ship, exchange weapons packages, and be back in the fight in a matter of seconds! Why stock your fleet with fighters, bombers, freighters, and scout ships when you can have them all in one? Save room, save money, save lives! Call your local Mon Cal Shipyards representative today.

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Uploaded on December 4, 2017