• Powerbook 520c
  • SE-30
  • Quadra 630
  • Mac Mini

Family Reunion

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Last weekend my bro and I decided to see if we could hook up a bunch of our old Macs and play Armor Alley. From left to right is a powerbook 520c with an external everything, my old SE-30 "relic", my quadra 630 "nirvana", and my bro's mac mini. It took us about an hour and a half to work through the bugs of networking 30 years of computers together, in the end we had to use localtalk, something the mini didn't particularly like.

This is a true monument to what you can do if you have enough cables.

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  1. szkud 109 months ago | reply

    I love that the girl in the forefront has a casual hold on "wasd" like a natural.
    I'm thining of pulling all my macs into the same room and taking a picture one of these days.

  2. stemcell1024 [deleted] 109 months ago | reply

    how did you network the se-30
    i have a classic and classic II to put on a network but i think i have to buy an adapter for serial to rj-11 or rj-45 . i would also put a PB 180 but im missing the power supply.

  3. thenode 109 months ago | reply

    The real trick was networking the mac mini. We didn't have an adapter for loacltalk to ethertalk (if one exists) so for the other 3 we simply pluged the basic local talk into the printer port and ran a phone cord between them. For the mini we had to use an adapter to go from ethertalk to localtalk. I have a broken SE/30 with an ethernet card in it, after this project I think I'm gonna canabalize it.

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