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Mirror mirror of my mind... [explored on 2020/07/06] | by Didacus67 (mostly off, my friends...)
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Mirror mirror of my mind... [explored on 2020/07/06]

As many of my Flickr friends should have readily guessed, this is another image I have brought to life digging in my archives. Yes, Rosolina Mare, Summer 2016. Again. I am amazed at how many shots worthy the effort of postprocessing there are in that archive.

Just like its fellow image (You'll never walk alone), I had thought to process it a great many times, but I was deterred by some blown out highlights in the sky. Not worth the effort, I used to think. However I have made up my mind at last and, after recovering what was recoverable, I have decided to accept some blown out highlights instead of give up forever.


For me the main points of interest in this shot - the very reasons that have encouraged me to embarkupon processing this bracketing - were the rippled patterns of the sand and that enormous tidal pool, with its absolutely still water mirroring such a wild sky. I have a personal fixation (most probably a deviance) with envisaging certain patterns of sandy ripples as cortex convolutions of some mysterious brain of the Earth (e.g. my Thinking heavenly thoughts), so you can better understand whence the funny title of this photo has come...


Explored on 2020/07/06 no. 22


It was my second sunrise session at Rosolina mare - not really as good as the first one, to be sure (here it is an example): the sky was overcast, the light was hard, and a high-altitude sheet of clouds gave uniform highlights where the sun was. I was a bit tired - more on the morale side than physically, since I had walked some 23 km only to take a mere handful of second-rate photos. As I was returning to the "civilised" part of the beach, at last the sky started turning into something really interesting. Lots of clouds of different shapes and sizes, and piercing sunbeams at leisure. I was wise enough to take a real exposure bracketing, and this helped a lot to recover details in the blown-out area.


I have obtained this picture by blending an exposure bracketing [-1.3/0/+1.3 EV] by luminosity masks with the Gimp (EXIF data, as usual, refer to the "normal exposure" shot), then I added some final touches with Nik Color Efex Pro 4. RAW files processed with Darktable. Denoising with Dfine.


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Taken on June 3, 2016