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Rest until the wave returns... [to AK] [explored on 16/12/2016]

Since I am in a persistent low ebb state of mind, my friends, I feel rather poor in words lately. I would leave the image and its title the task of conveying everything they can to you. I was thinking of this scene autobiographically in terms of quantum physics - something about low energy states and quantum tunneling effect... - deeply beautiful stuff for my mind, but arguably a bit challenging and, above all, apparently arid for most of you. However you have been lucky enough that a recent comment to one of my photos from my friend Amanda happened to include an expression that immediately struck me as being the perfect title for this scene (just a minor adaptation, from plural to singular). So here we are: just a photo with its title - and a negligible text you could quite safely avoid reading (although, well, if you are reading these words then...) ;-)


I have been working on this shot for months - trying, trashing, trying anew, and so on... Multiple ebbs and flows of ungratifying post-processing. Moments of enthusiastic work interposed with long intervals of neglet. I had (and still have) a problem with the foreground: while I loved the sea and the sky (I cannot begin telling how many different flavours of this scenery have come out of my forge during this long gestational process), the foreground stubbornly resisted every new post-proc assault. At last I have found an almost decent tradeoff between what I would like to get and what I have really got, so I have decided to upload the image, hoping for some comment/criticism helping me to get a better result than the present one.


I have obtained this picture by blending an exposure bracketing [-1.3/0/+1.3 EV] by luminosity masks in the Gimp (EXIF data, as usual, refer to the "normal exposure" shot), then I added some final touches with Nik Color Efex Pro 4 and a bit of denoising with Dfine 2.


Explored on 2016/12/16, ended n* 49


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Taken on June 3, 2016