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Frank Sheldon's Place HDR 7 Frames

This house belonged to Frank Sheldon and his wife. I met Frank about forty years ago when I moved onto the road that I live on now. I was working on getting my water put in when a car pulled up and this guy comes up to me and says, hi, I live up at the end of the road and it looks like you could use a little help. He introduced himself and said he was a retired plumber and he still had a lot of plumbing supplies left, if needed anything he said I could have it for nothing. He hopped down in the hole I was in and pointed out a few better ways to do the job. Sure enough I didn't have everything that I needed, so he got in his car and went a mile up the road and got it. He came back with the parts that we needed to finish the job and gave them to me. We got everything hooked up properly and after I thanked him for the help and the parts, he left. Throughout the years I would see Frank and talk for a little bit and he would always ask how I was doing. One year about twenty five years ago I hadn't seen him for awhile and learned he had passed away, his wife passed shortly after and the house that they lived in has set this way with nobody around. I don't know why, but it seems like nobody has made a claim on it, so I assume they had nobody to pass the property on to.

It seems a shame that a man of Frank's stature seemingly has nobody to mourn for him or his wife, so I will at least in writing this, mourn a deserving couple who once graced us with their presents and hopefully won't be forgotten entirely.

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Taken on September 17, 2011