Museo Stibbert: Western Arms & Armour, Florence, Italy
Museo Stibbert contains over 36,000 artifacts, including a vast collection of arms and armour from Eastern and Western civilizations. The museum was founded by Frederick Stibbert (1836–1906). When Stibbert died, his collection was given to the city of Florence and was opened to the public.

The villa, which was once Stibbert's home, has 57 rooms that exhibit all of his collections from around the world. Most of the walls are covered in leather and tapestries and the rooms are crowded with artifacts. Paintings are displayed throughout every room, including still lifes and portraits. There is also valuable furniture, porcelains, Tuscan crucifixes, Etruscan artifacts, and an outfit worn by Napoleon I of France.

The most extensive collection is around 16,000 pieces of European, Oriental, Islamic, Japanese arms and armour from the 15th century through the 19th century. The cavalcade room is a grand hall filled with 14 16th century knights on horseback and 14 foot-soldiers dressed in armour and holding weapons. The collection of Samurai armour contains over 80 suits and hundreds of swords.

(Some of the photo's shown here are very dark and sometimes a bit unsharp. There is but little light in the museum and photography is not allowed (I obtained special permission for research purposes), with flash strictly forbidden because of the many textiles and paintings around. So I could only use a small pocket torch.)
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