Thracian Tomb near Karanovo, Bulgaria
The Thracian Tomb is located at the edge of the Surnena Forest, in the northwest part of the village Karanovo, roughly 10 km from the city of Nova Zagora. It occupies an area of 24 hectares. The tomb, which was discovered during excavations during the 1950s, is one of the oldest in Europe.

The burial mound site was also a settlement, of a type which abound in Bulgaria. The Karanovo necropolis, one of Bulgaria’s largest, is 13 meters high, 250 meters long, and 150 meters wide. Though only part of the mound has been excavated so far (about 1,700 square meters), most of its archeological wealth has already been uncovered. The efforts of researchers studying this cultural treasure have yielded a stratigraphic profile of the prehistoric settlement (a scheme of the site’s strata), so that the each of the cultural periods represented can be placed in its chronological framework. Every prehistoric epoch is represented here – from the Neolithic through the Bronze Age. All finds from the mound are displayed at museums in Sofia and Nova Zagora.

The necropolis was inhabited for roughly 3,000 years.
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